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Thank you for taking the time to reply on my email .Just want to thank you and your team for your excellent and efficient service. Looking forward to making use of your service again in future.

Jolene SolomonsExcellent and efficient service

About MaxLoan™

MaxLoan™ is the Finance Broker division of MaxLaw™ – a Credit Legal company serving more than 100 000 clients over the past 8 years
Whether its buying a house, getting a new car or just in need of a personal loan for whatever reason we can help you secure the best deal


If you – like many of our clients – are struggling to get finance for that special event, we will definitely be able to help you too.

There are usually only two reasons that people get declined for loans

  1. Due to a poor credit record
  2. Or affordability is an issue – you do not have enough disposable income to service (make payments) on the loan

With our many years experience in the fields of Credit Legal issues and Loan origination, we consider ourselves experts in both fields.

A new loan is maybe not what you need – you may rather need help with restructuring your debt, or your credit record is in bad shape and in order to get that loan, someone needs to help you sort out your past in-discrepancies first. MaxLaw™ and MaxLoan™ is geared to help anybody no matter what your situation.

If you do qualify for a loan – Maxloan is even better positioned than other lenders because we send your application to several funders and you get to choose the best deal for yourself.

 MaxLaw™ has 7 offices across South Africa, employs 8 admitted attorneys and more than 140 support staff to serve your needs

 Apply today – and lets see how we can help – It takes less than a minute.

Need assistance with Clearing your Name?

We can help you through MaxLaw- one of the top Legal firm in South Africa to help you clear your name on the credit bureau’s, so you can borrow money again. It does not matter if you have judgements, are under administration, under Debt Review, defaults – we just may be able to help!

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